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For many centuries the Elves have battled each other for territories. Queen Ariel leads the elves of the forest towns and glades. Princess Chloe leads the elves of the deep forest. And Princess Faye leads the warriors of the Bracken Hills. But there is a new threat- an external threat. Human invaders, in the form of a thousand-strong templar army. In the past, Elven magics have always sufficed to bewitch and bewilder the humans, but these soldiers are clad in cold iron and bear weapons and amulets that protect them from the spells and curses of the fae folk.
The three proud princesses meet to form an alliance against the invasion, but it is too little, too late. As they go to lead their own forces the Templars are already upon them. On her own, isolated from her troops and her own lands, even the power of a princess cannot turn the tide against these thugs. In turn, each of the princesses falls to the invaders.
Humiliated and humbled, they are brought to the Templar advance fortress, built in secret on the very edge of the elven wilds. Dragged into a room, the three are made to strip by the assembled hard-bitten Templar veterans. The soldiers will brook no delay and their cruel swords are supplemented by magics of their own. Each of the three immortal maidens is bared to the lustful view of the warriors in turn! A naked princess may still be a princess, as Ariel claims, but a naked princess in magical chains to absorb her powers is a subservient sex slave to the lusts of the Templar men!
The Templar commander has a cruel plan. He will demonstrate to the proud princesses the futility of struggle and the reality of their new existence. He lets them struggle naked in the heavy steel leg irons, their hands cuffed in cold iron behind their backs. The mechanisms of the Templars are proof against Elven spells, no matter how much the beautiful proud maidens struggle and moan!

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