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This custom video set both Chloe and Ariel a different challenge. For Chloe, she has to be tied so tight she can barely wriggle and she has to take it for the duration of the video whilst trying to get herself out. For Ariel, she has to tie Chloe in such a way that she can’t get out, can barely wriggle, and yet the tie has to be safe enough and comfortable enough that Chloe can go the distance without getting pins and needles or losing feeling anywhere.
Ariel decides to go for a cross-legged hogtie, working on the assumption that as that’s one of the things she finds hardest to escape from, Chloe will have the same problem! We see the whole on-screen tie as elegant blonde Ariel ties petite cute Chloe in a network of tight ropes, a box tie at the arms and chest connecting to the ankle rope to make the hogtie. To make it more restrictive, she adds ropes going around and under the bed, then leaves Chloe to her challenge – can she get out? Can she wriggle?
We had so much fun shooting this idea that we decided to extend the challenge to the other two models on the trip – look out for Faye Taylor tied so tight she can barely wriggle, and Ariel Anderssen tied so tight she can barely wriggle, coming soon to RestrainedElegance.com!
Name: r_el_VID0658_ChloeTiedTight_1080p.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:18:37
File size : 614 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080



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