Tokyo Slaves Part 2 – 2022

Year of release:2022

Description:It is time to clamp as well as rope up this japanese slut, she hangs in the air, will the safety hook hold? The master knows what he is doing. He spanks the soles of her feet, she hangs there without moving, she feels so helpless. Her large nipples extend to their full length, her eyes are close outd, she knows she has to trust him, she wants him, but he teases her by pretending to fuck her from behind. Once she is lying on the floor he masturbates her. After that she is made into a human cas well asle holder, hot wax on her body, then spanking. The whip should bring her to orgasm, she whimpers.

File Format: mp4
Video Time: 1:16:05
File size: 572.1 MB
Video: 512×336, AVC (H.264), 899kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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