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Vlad Dumitru is such a hottie. He looks great as he lays back in the chair rubbing his groin and his sexy chest. A helper arrives and starts to feel Vlad’s hot chest and then the bulge in his underwear. The head of Vlad’s cock pokes out of the underwear as it is groped. The helper releases Vlad’s big balls out the side of the underwear too. Then he oils the head of the cock. The cock is pulled out the side too and more oil is applied as the hand wanks it. The balls get coated in oil too and the cock is rock hard, standing proud as it is wanked. Vlad’s underwear is removed and more oil is used on that stiff cock. It is wanked hard as Vlad rubs his chest. His balls are squeezed and rubbed as well. Then Vlad’s legs are raised, showing off his hairy ass hole. Oil is rubbed over that hole and the cock is wanked more. A finger pushes into the hot ass hole and fucks in and out . That finger easily works the hole as the stiff cock is wanked as well. The finger comes out to show off the tight hole. Then it goes in to fuck some more. The finger goes knuckle deep into tthe ass hole before pulling out again. More oil is rubbed over the hot hole. Then two fingers are pushed deep inside. They fit easily into the hole and fuck deep. The stiff cock is wanked hard as the fingers are fucked, roughly, into the eager hole. Soon a vibrator is shoved into the ass hole, going nice and deep, as Vlad wanks himself. His ass hole is fucked with the toy as his dick is wanked hard. The toy is fucked hard into that hole, coming out and going back in again. Then the vibrator is replaced by a butt plug which stretches the hole wide as it slides deep inside. The plug really opens that hole wide as it is pushed all the way in. The ass lips grip the plug keeping it in as the cock is wanked hard. Then the plug is slowly removed, showing how well the tight hole stretches. Vlad’s cock is still rock hard and gets wanked more. Then he turns over and kneels on the chair to present his hot ass for more. That hairy ass looks great as more oil is applied to the hole. The plug is rubbed over the hole and then fucks in and out before sliding all the way in again. That hot hole grips the plug as the stiff cock is pulled back between the thighs to be wanked some more. Again the plug is slowly extracted stretching the hole more on the way out. Hand spread the hole, making it gape a little too. The cock is wanked again too. The the vibrator returns. As it fucks in and is pulled out the hot hole gapes nicely. Then Vlad sits in the chair and wanks hard on his stiff cock. His sexy chest is rubbed as he keeps wanking until his cock shoots the load all over the place.

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