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Natalia Kapretti Sometimes I don’t want to get up from the couch, I want to lie down, sleep, soak up, read. Fuck, but I want take a shit… but it doesn’t matter. I can take a shit without getting up, right on the bed, just need relax sphincter and shit will flow out of ass itself. And then what? And then slave will come crawling and removes it, or best of all, eat it to the last bite. Do you want to be such a shit-eating slave?1. How wonderful to shit everywhere you wantI’m shitting all day today. When I woke up early in the morning, I realized that I would not have time to get out of bed and run to the toilet. Well, I’ll take a shit in the bed. Hanging my ass over the edge, I took a shit and happily fell back to sleep. Later few hours later I got out of bed and I feel like I want to shit again. This time I sat down on my favorite red toilet and diarrhea came out of my ass. And in the evening, already late, I again felt movement in my stomach. I sprawled in the middle of the room and took a shit on the floor. How wonderful and nice to shit everywhere you want without hesitation2. Quick shit upside down I barely had time run to bed and lift my legs when the morning shit poured out of my ass. This happens quite often. After breakfast, I immediately start want to shit and only have time running to the toilet or press my ass to the mouth of toilet slave. Look at the soft, warm, fragrant shit today. Do you want taste it? 3. How nice shitting in bed reading bookI didn’t want get out of bed this morning. I wanted relax, read my favorite book, but my ass decided on its otherwise, it wanted shitting. I will not hesitate immediately putting cork in ass. Unfortunately, cork in my ass had the opposite effect and I wanted shitting even more. Well, shitting means shitting. Shit slowly squeezed out the cork and started seep more and more out of the ass like a brown smelly snake. I thought I was finish shitting and decided to clean my anus with longer strap-on, but it made even more shit come out of my ass. But, I likes it, it’s so nice shitting without getting out of bed, reading favorite book. And shit, shit the slave will clean up and eat, not to disappear in vain shit
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