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In celebration of 10k on Twitter, I promised I’d have Daddy shit in my mouth!

Prior to my Twitter being(so rudely) removed, I had over 10k followers! I was so happy and excited and promised you all something fun – more Daddy shit consumption. (I’m back on Twitter as @ f0xness)

We have been practicing lots, I have been so good at consuming his yummy shit, and he’s working on feeding it to me! (poo stage freight and non toilet positions are hard to overcome)

It turns out, I LOVE his shit and you’re going to be seeing much more of this from me. So enjoy this video where I finger out his shit into my mouth and use the little poos to cover his dick and suck him clean until he cums!

I know some people aren’t fond of male scat, and that’s ok. To me, consuming scat is about the submission of doing as Daddy tells me to do. If I make a mess on his dick—I clean it, if he poops and needs my wet tongue— I lick. Hopefully that helps clear some things up for my enjoyment of his poo… If you still aren’t into it, you’ll still see lots of mine soon
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