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Today we present you the latest achievements in the furniture market. The hottest shit and the craziest trend when it comes to seating furniture. You thought a canapé would be comfortable? You think a chaise longue would be the end of all days for your troubled bottom?

Then let us teach you better. We’ll get your broken back in shape and your pelvis in the correct position. With the help of Mistress Bella Lugosi, we are proud to be able to introduce you to what is by far the warmest and most comfortable piece of seating furniture that can currently be found in the torture chambers of high society. Of course, all corners and edges must first be removed. In our case that means everything that looks like a cock belongs behind bars. And because a slave is not primarily a piece of furniture but rather a commodity, he first has to be adjusted to its new role. I assume that the Lord gave the slave the nipples for this. They usually work like little knobs. Practical! A little adjusted the transmitter and the slave feels like a stool or a chair. So up with the punani on the wet nose and relax. We just hope he can hold his breath long enough.
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