Oldschoolbondage – Serene Isley – Waitress tied up and gagged in the back room 2022

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As she always did after closing time, Restaurant waitress Serene Isley stayed behind to count up the daily receipts. Little did she know though, a man had been casing the place and knew her routine. He some how hid inside and waited until she closed the place and locked the doors before her grabbed her. The video begins with the man Serene into the back room. Using rope, he ties her up very tight. Then to make sure she stays quiet while he robs the place, the man stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth. With the owner now trussed up and tucked away, the man robs the cash register and safe. Then just before he leaves, he returns and ties Serene to the sink. As an added bit of embarrassment, he pulls her top open and her bra down. Hours later, Serene’s husband will wonder why his wife has not come home yet. He will go back to the restaurant and find the place robbed and ransacked with his wife still bound and gagged with her boobs out.

Name: olwb_sereneTD2sink18.mp4
Permission: SD
Duration: 00:13:19
File size : 499 MB
Resolution : 720 @ 480


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