Oldschoolbondage – Ashlee Graham and Kate Powers – Hitch hiking girls bound & gagged in the trunk of his car 2022

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Kate and Ashlee are stranded out in the middle of no where. They have tried hitch hiking, but it seems no one wants to stop to pick them up. So when the next car they see comes by, they decide to give the driver a show. Ashlee lifts her top and Kate sticks her ass out. This seems to work as a man stops to give them a ride. Unfortunately for the girls, he has other plans for them. He takes them to a secluded spot where he ties them up and gags them. He then stuffs them both in the trunk of his car and drives off. He takes them to his place where he ties them up and gags them in his basement. He ties the girls back to back with their hands tied on opposite side so they cannot untie each other. All they can do struggle around until they fall over. Once on the floor, they find it impossible to move.

Name: olwb_pxeLThitchike18.mp4
Permission: SD
Duration: 00:13:23
File size : 501 MB
Resolution : 720 @ 480


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