Natalya plays with her makeup while her brother danni cleans her bedroom. Danni is in chastity and has to do everything his sister says. He’s been cleaning and organizing Natalya’s extensive closet for hours. Natalya made an agreement with him that if he completed the task, she’d let him out of chastity. Now danni has finished cleaning, but Natalya doesn’t feel like upholding her end of the bargain. Danni complains. Natalya doesn’t like him badgering her. Danni’s acting up. Their mother has said that if danni acts up, Natalya has the authority to peg her brother, to bring him back in line. Natalya ties her brother to her bed. She comes around behind him with a big thick cock she’s borrowed from their mom. Natalya fucks her brother long and hard with his chastity key around her neck. Her little brother’s chastity jingles while she fucks him. Nobody in the household will come to danni’s aid. The women in his family are against him. Danni and his father are beta males. Danni doesn’t bother to cry out for his mother, because if she were to hear him, she’d just come in and fuck him with an even larger dildo. Danni deserves for the women in his family to hate him. It’s all his fault for being who he is. Natalya grabs her brother’s slender hips and thrusts the cock in deep. She’s decided that she deserves a bigger cut of his allowance next week. Ass fucking isn’t punishment enough. (11:45 long)

File Name : Natalya_-_Mom_Says_When_You_Act_Up_I_Can_Peg_You_-1080_HD-28516.wmv
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Natalya_-_Mom_Says_When_You_Act_Up_I_Can_Peg_You_-1080_HD-28516.wmv – 874.65 MB

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