Safa Safa Safa SafaSafa
Leslee has been fed up with the Beast. Beast is the captive half human, half an/imal, the girls have blackmailed to take their frustrations out on. He has had a severe ball injury. But Leslee doesn’t care. She wants this an/imal put down. So she makes a call to SAFA WARDA in Chicago. Safa buys an immediate flight to Philly. See link Safa Warda —– Boxer, Wrestler, MMA girl, Street Figther, Crazy Bitch and Adrenaline Junkie and known for her Raw Beatdowns. Leslee, Electra and SAFA give the Beast everything they got for 20 MINUTES straight. Leaving him in a sweaty broken-down mess.
Name: Safa’s Ball SLAUGHTER.wmv
Permission: SD
Duration: 00:19:58
File size : 563 MB
Resolution : 854 @ 480

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