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Trapped. Trap. Trapping. Trapper. Trap. I can only say that on my websites these days. Remember boys, if you want to be trapped, you can only legally do it here. Jk. But for real…

Gooner swinging in the air. Brainwiped beyond repair. Swinging, stroking, pumping, all he can do is touch himself with one free hand while I goon you, too.

This is one for my loopable series, play it along with your other JOI’s from my collection and mindfuck-heavy clips. I want you as desperate as him. As broken as him. As stupid as him. Now stroke, goon.

Name: MandyMarx – Swingin546546546gGoonTrap.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:11:40
File size : 512 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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