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Helena Locke and Sophia Locke are no strangers to Kink.com but this is their first time together. Sophia starts with her wrists bound over her head so Helena can inspect every inch of her. Starting by fondling Sophia’s tits, Helena eventually works down to her thighs, spanking them vigorously, commanding full attention. Helena removes one shoe and continues to tease Sophia’s helpless body, rubbing her pussy through white lace panties and spanking her thigh. Next Sophia is tied to a sawhorse leaving her completely at the mercy of Helena, who wastes no time taking full advantage. First Helena bites Sophia’s feet. Then generously spanks her supple ass. After that, it’s time for some flogging, as Helena continues to test Sophia’s limits, but a soaking wet pussy shows how much the pain turns her on. Helena canes Sophia’s feet and then makes her lick her ass. Finally Sophia is tied on her side, her legs spread wide, giving Helena easy access to her pussy, where she pays special attention to her throbbing clit. After sucking her feet and using the crop on her, Helena stuffs her strap-on down Sophia’s eager throat and then stuffs it in her equally eager pussy. Finally, Helena adds the Hitachi to the fun and makes her have plenty of orgasms as her reward.

Name: 106099_sh568568956oot_high.mp4
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Duration: 00:58:21
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