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You filthy pig, I will punish you today and let you down like a complete whore. Come on, public toilet, open your mouth wider. I’ve been tormented by bouts of diarrhea all day and it’s time to fill your fucking mouth, loser. I will shit on you and I don’t care if you’re comfortable. You are a toilet, an insignificant insect who deserves to act only as a toilet for powerful and handsome ladies. Ask no mercy! I sit on his face in shit and do not let him breathe so that he suffocates from the aroma of my shit! Do you like it bitch, huh? I shove shit and my leg down his throat. Now you are a lowered worthless creature. Enjoy!
Tag:Scat,Copro,Shit,ScatMob,Shitting,anal,anal poop,poop,all scat,copro scatName: Diarrhea, Facesitting5457and Foot Gagging.mp4
Permission: UltraHD 2K
Duration: 00:06:54
File size : 853 MB
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