HENTAIED – RITUALS OF LUST 4K – Alissa Foxy, Eve Sweet

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Do you believe in magic? Well, when your bestie grows a huge tentacles directly out of her pussy, fuck and fills you up with a ton of cum. Then the answer is slightly predictable…
Eve Sweet and Alissa Foxy are two students. Eve is deeply interested in black magic.
She just discovered, that there is a secret black room, located on their college campus in an old abandoned wing.
Eve asked Alissa to help her out with creating a “ritual”for the first time.
Alissa sits on the floor in the middle pf a pentacle star surrounded by candles and Eve flipping through an old book.
Once our little witch finds the right ancient spell, she asks Alissa to shut up and begins the ritual. Even though Alissa is really scared, Eve doesn’t really care much.
It doesn’t take long until demon posses Eve and fill up her mind with lust and sexual desire.
Eve jumps on Alissa and passionately kiss her sacred as fuck friend.
Then she goes for her sweet tiny boobs and all the way down for her hot pussy.
Eve greedy licks it and fills it up with slime…
Finally, the demon shows his real power: he controls huge black tentacles, they are obsessed with fresh juicy pussies….
Name: Rituals of Lust .mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:10:36
File size : 1.79 GB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160


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