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Could you imagine how many secrets keep old elevators? We found one with huge black surprises inside of it… Once a hot girl is in, she going to be fucked and filled up with hot fresh cum in all her holes at once.
Valentina goes to a friend’s housewarming party. She calls an elevator and jumps in without any back thoughts about how old and freaky it is. So, she presses a button. The doors close and here we are.
Lights are start blinking, elevator stops and Valentina falls on the floor. Something slimy and disgusting drips on her from the ceiling.
Valentins starts to be scary. She hears some noises from the elevator door and comes closer… At this moment a huge black tentacle crawls through the door. Brunette screams in fear, however nobody is going to help her.
More tentacles come, they wrap around her wrists and ankles, open the way to her sweet pussy. First slimy monsters have fun with her boobs and mouth. One monster cock fucks Valentina’s deep in throat until her eyes are full of tears, then it explodes with an enormous amount of cum…
Finally, it’s for pussy to be destroyed and cremapied.
Suddenly, the doors open and Valentina tries to escape. However it all was just the beginning…
Name: Elevated Pleasures .mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:12:57
File size : 2.02 GB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160


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