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Fear grips Agatha in a second. Her heart races, she starts to feel haunted. As she climbs up the precipice, she looks back for the first time. She sees Jia’s cold, calm face… That was the last memory. Agatha wakes up in a black room shrouded in gloomy light. The sound of tentacles crawling makes every single inch of her perfect body shake. Putting her legs almost behind her head and wrapped tightly around her neck, the tentacles begin to fuck all Agatha’s sweet holes all the way through. Her meaty pussy and tight asshole see no mercy, while huge black tentacle hangs out of her mouth… Exhausted Agatha passes out…to wake up from the warm touches of Jia with the small tentacle instead of her tongue. Stunning redhead licks Agatha’s fucked pussy until she has one orgasm after another one. Finally, Jia takes out her own three huge black tentacles. She fucks Agatha to the moment when girl’s belly almost explodes with tons of cum…and it was just the beginning.
Agatha’s weekly walk in the forest this time was very different from the others. Despite the clear skies, everything around was grey and cold. And the path, familiar as her fingers, had become an unknown one.
The feeling of safety began to leave Agatha quickly. Her heart began to beat faster, every sound began to frighten her. The girl realized she was being followed. She hurried, but after a moment she ran as hard as she could.
She tried to climb to the top of the cliff. And at that very moment, Agatha felt something slimy grab her ankle with incredible force and the same thing wrap around her neck. The poor girl tried to break free, tearing the ground in front of her. At that moment she turned back trying to get a look at her captor. And all she saw was a cold smirk on the face of beautiful Jia.
Agatha wakes up completely naked in a cold, dark room. Every inch of her body shakes with fear.

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