Hello sit down and watch! – DirtyBetty – Scatshop/$18.99

Hello sit down and watch! 00000 Hello sit down and watch! 00001 Hello sit down and watch! 00002 Hello sit down and watch! 00003Hello sit down and watch!.ScrinList
– With a slight movement of the hand, I pull out ….
-I’m pulling out…
-These beautiful balloons from my sweet…
– But these are not balloons!
-Well, these are NOT balloons, but look how beautifully my fresh and fragrant chocolate lies on them…
– So stop! Give me back the money for the show, I’ve had enough. It’s not even chocolate, it’s … what’s that? SHIT? So what the hell is going on here?
-Wait, I’ll explain everything now, I’m not a clown at all, and this is not a circus …
-You’re just reading the description for my new video with anal balls in my toilet…
– How did she know? O_o
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