Goddess Seira – Proper Discipline With No Mercy

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One of My slave’s duties is to make sure My house is clean all the time. Otherwise, he will be in trouble. And, I think My slave is going to be in trouble today. I can’t believe My house is still so dirty after I come back home. I slap his face and trample his hands with My high heels while walking over his lazy hands. However, this is not enough for this naughty slave to punish him mercilessly. (Hand trampling)

It is unbelievable My slave is so stupid.. he already forgot all the reasons why he has been punished even though I kindly listed all of them before. And he is still making an excuse instead of admitting his misbehaviour..! For the disobedient slave, cruel punishment is the only method. Even though My cane is broken during the punishment, I won’t stop caning My slave to fix the naughty behaviour and give the proper lesson! (Caning / Cane)

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