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Allegra – Gets Personal
Allegra peels off layers of clothing and rubs her pert breasts. A lick of her palm, as she swings her underwear to the side. She traces the crease of her labia before rubbing her hairy pussy into a wet and warm state of longing.Dildo in hand she sends the vibrations through her body, her plump pussy embracing the head of the dildo.She cums quickly but she hasn’t even explored her inner desire yet so she lets her throbbing cunt ease before coming back for round two.Wasting no time she warms up and plunges the toy deep into her hole, dripping with lust liquid.Thank you Allegra

Allegra & Katie Gee – Reminisce
After their STEAMY fuck on the kitchen table, Katie and Allegra meet up to reminisce on the last time they saw each other.When Allegra starts to describe how good Katie’s tongue felt on her clit, she feels a tingle in her panties and starts to rub herself.Noticing this, Katie teases Allegra, revealing her hairy cunt and how deep her fingers will fit!The two girls buck and grind against their dildos, turning each other on by their sopping pussies and hot, tight bodies.Girls just wanna have fun, right?

Allegra – Pumped
Fit playful babe Allegra has a flat and has to return home to pump her tyres.She gets to work pumping down in her short bicycle skirt, giving you a fantastic view of her perfect tight round butt.Realising she’s going to be late anyway, she begins massaging her lovely pussy through her sweet cotton briefs before unpacking a toy and packing it deep inside of herself.Piper gets some great macro shots as she removes her toy and you watch her hole retract in it’s retreat.Here’s one girl that knows how to PUMP IT!

Allegra & Katie Gee – Curious
Katie has something to confess. Last night, she fucked a woman!! Allegra is so intrigued, she asks Katie to show her how she did it!Katie munches on Allegra’s wet, hairy cunt and fingers her so vigorously

Allegra & Katie Gee – Day Off
Allegra & Katie Gee are taking a day off to Netflix and Chill.They choose a movie based on its sexy merits when Allegra remembers just how sexy Katie is. Playfully she removes her clothes toying with her petit NIPPLES before heading down south to MUCH on her delectable HAIRY BLONDE PUSSY..Katie returns the favour with some ARMPIT LICKING action before taking her tongues slow stroke down to Allegras MOIST PUSSY.

Allegra & Katie G – Interview
The girls talk about how much they enjoyed their first scene together, the sex is SO much better when you don’t know who you’re about to fuck!Allegra reminds everyone about her favourite GirlsOutWest scene – fucking Natalie on the kitchen table.

Allegra & Violet Russo – Wet Love
Grab your bikini and cool down with Allegra Sphynx and Violet Russo! Except you won’t be cool for long with all the pussy licking, wet and wild, anal fucking goodness of WET LOVE!

Allegra & Violet Russo – Interview
Allegra & Violet dip their toes in the pool and debrief after a very sweaty basketball game. They talk about first kisses, favourite kisses, and risky alleyway sex!

Allegra & Violet Russo – Face Off
Allegra challenges Violet Russo to spot of bball that has the two steaming up.Desperate to peel each others clothes off, they find a secluded path off an old abandoned house and strip each other bare, making a feast of each others HAIRY PUSSIES.Beats half time orange slices, don’t it?

Alllegra & Dodi – Interview
Allegra & Dodi chat about on screen chemistry and connecting with co stars, and how empowering erotic performing is for them.We have a cheeky show and tell of the co stars favourite parts of each others body and their own. Some cute accent play, where Tally wraps her tongue around the British accent.A great opportunity to look into the shining personalities of our models, and to witness the amazing women that they are.

Allegra & Ivory Mae – Sinner
Allegra and Ivory Mae had so much chemistry they INSISTED they fuck ASAP. No storyline, no set-up, just hot intimate ass licking, pussy lip-sucking, jaw dropping HOT SEX.

Allegra & Ivory Mae – Girls Night In
What’s better than a Friday night in with your bestie? Sitting on the bed in their pajamas, Ivory Mae and Allegra giggle at each other, eventually leaning in for a cheeky kiss!Ivory quickly BEGS Allegra to take her clothes off so she can GREEDILY eat her DRIPPING PUSSY and TIGHT ASS. After a SHAKING orgasm, Ivory is DESPERATE to return the favour!Alexis, play Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Allegra & Dodi – Care
The girls take love-making nice and slow in this SWEET and SENSUAL dive into each others gorgeous bodiesFirst Allegra enjoys beautiful soft fondling and kisses from darling Dodi and is brought to climax with her DILDO releasing her sweet LADY CUM. Eager to return the favour Allegar SLIDES Dodi’s TOY into her perfect PUSSY from behind.

Allegra – Cleansed

Our girl Allegra gets us WET in this sexy shower strip.Join this natural beauty as she takes ten to clean up and get DIRTY.Using the shower head to stimulate her CLIT, she rubs that HAIRY PUSSY, gasping with PLEASURE, and when she needs something HARDER her GLASS DILDO never disappoints.

Allegra & Dodi – Panties 4 U
Two enigmatic business women drain your pockets and BALLS in Panties 4U.Allegra & Dodi are making some cash on the side with this fetish fuelled business. Manafacturing custom made panties from PUBE panties to FOOT panties to SEX panties. PANTIES 4U have got you covered.

Allegra – The Player
Allegra’s learning to play the piano but practicing is boring, until she finds a forgotten DILDO with her sheet music and remembers her favourite practice of all.She’s not giving up on this song and certainly knows how to make her beautiful HAIRY PUSSY focused and hard at work, it’s one well tuned CUNT by the end of this practice session.Anyone else want to learn piano with Allegra?

Allegra & Natalie – Frisky

Jumping up and down on the bed causing their tits and ass to bounce gets Allegra and Natalie in the mood to throw each other down and FUCK. Nice and wet tongue kissing gets them so horny their pussies to fill up with wetness too!Grinding their hairy pussies together they stimulate their clits, but Natalie wants a taste of Allegra’s meaty pussy! Bending her over she laps up the juices from between her legs. Bending around Allegra grabs hold of Natalie’s cunt ending up in a hot 69 position! What’s better than two hot brunettes eating pussy?!

Allegra & Natalie – Interview
After a hot order-in delivery of FUCKING – Natalie and Allegra are warmed up to give us some dirty details. They cover it all- from fingering the G spot to nipple play- and even give a quick demo on the best way to touch a pussy in foreplay! There’s also lots of hot tongue kissing! When it comes to fisting Allegra “could write an essay on this” and will fill you in on how to attempt it and be sure your partner is ready and comfortable. Did you know sexy Natalie loves feet? She will even show you the erotic places that turn her on when licking and sucking her feet and TOES! We love hearing our models talk about what makes them horny and just how we should be imagining touching them to please them ourselves.

Allegra & Natalie – Uber Fucks pt2
Allegra loves having every bit of Natalie in her mouth- so it’s no surprise how much she loves her sitting on her face- feeding her cunt straight to her! Thrusting her tongue deep into her cunt she fucks her until Natalie moans with a HOT orgasm!It isn’t commonly known but brunettes can be the most KINKY. Natalie and Allegra want to lick into every crevice and fuck all over. They love the taste of GIRL CUM oozing into their mouths- you will be drooling for a taste! If only it was really this easy to uber over a hot babe to fuck…..

Allegra & Natalie – Uber Fucks pt1
Natalie has a hunger and wants satisfaction brought to her doorstep. When hot delivery chick Allegra shows up she knows she ordered the right thing on the menu. Bending her over she sticks her tongue deep in her ASS for some tasty anal rimming! MMM sexy Allegra has a perfectly pink, tight asshole making for a real treat.Allegra needs her payment for her hard work though- and turns it around to get her fill. Lapping up Natalie’s delicious juices is certainly one hell of a tip. From her devious grin all the way down to her hairy, hungry pussy- Natalie is any delivery lady’s dream customer.

Allegra – Coffee Time
25 year old Allegra works hard to keep so fit and sexy. She has a morning ritual to get herself going each day and it involves more than just coffee. Climbing up onto the counter she spreads herself out and rubs all over her neatly shaved meaty pussy.Being the complex girl that she is it takes more than just one sex toy to get her to orgasm- she needs two! Allegra wants to give her tight asshole some stimulation too. As the saying goes- “double penetration in the morning starts your day out right!”

Allegra – Shake Ya Ass
Our tan, nerdy sweetheart, Allegra teases us with a sexy dance as she moves around the room, tidying up. Her big ass in denim shorts fill the screen. Her erect nipples pop out of her shirt. She’s feeling herself and she is one horny girl!Allegra fucks herself hard from behind with a glass dildo, flipping over to bring herself to a big ORGASM. This girl has an O face that makes our panties dripping wet.You’ve seen Allegra take a fist, she loves anal and she wants to get fucked! Who would you like to see her get fucked by? She’s willing to do anything and anyone… xox

Allegra – 4K Fist
This is our first solo video in 4K and we are excited in our panties 24/7!!!. What does that mean for you? Well, the videos are twice as big as before, and more sharp, more ultra vibrant – so the hottie will really bounce off the screen and fall into your lap! So look out.Allegra is our new love interest. She’s open minded, kinky, geeky, and totally adorable. Her sexuality is magnetic – so much so, that our very own Cassandra Lee couldn’t help jumping in and shoving her little FIST DEEP INTO Allegra’s eager pussy! Allegra sticks a very large glass dildo into her ANUS whilst fingering her pussy – this girl can take alot.Is Fisting By The Crew something you would like to see more of…? It’s a skill, and we can show you how to do it with lots of T.L.C. by Cass Lee with her compact hand.
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