Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!! 00000 Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!! 00001 Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!! 00002 Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!! 00003
Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!!.ScrinList
Lisa Marie wants to party like it’s 1849! For those unfamiliar with US History, that’s the year gold was discovered in California, thus why they call it the “Golden State”!! Well let 2019 mark the date that Lisa Marie Took Ladies Keeping it FUNKY to the next level with her own Gold explorations!! Enjoy as she begins by twerking that perfect brown ass of hers after oiling it up! All that twerking done got her bowels to moving!! She begins with a FUNKY batch into her tub, first a little pee, followed by those first Golden Nuggets!! Then in a first, Enjoy as Lisa Marie plays with her work like never before!! She picks up a few nuggets and rubs them on her hand and ass, even letting on sit on that FUNKY table top turdcutter she has!! Then Enjoy as she spreads her hole to help pull and push out more from her FUNKY goldmine!! She then picks up with her bare hands a few of of the golden nuggets as if she was gonna get a grand prize!! Get your lotion ready, I doubt you will make it to the end of this mining exploration before you are ready to erupt!!
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Name: Lisa Marie’s a 54645656Gold Miner!!.mp4
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