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A high school girl and an office lady spark up and engage in a serious battle! They were gathered without knowing anything, and after an awkward exchange of greetings as they were meeting each other for the first time, they were told the purpose of the event. This time, we had them compete on the number of farts they made. I was confused, thinking that it wouldn’t come out so soon, but I tried to massage my lower abdomen and drink carbonated water, and neither of them seemed to give in! “Puu~!” As if to signal the beginning of the opening, the first shot came out, and the anus became active and emitted a series of explosive sounds. Maybe it’s because they’re trying too hard or straining too hard, but before they know it, they’ve got dirt stains on their pants… Also, some girls spray it like a spray from their anus! The woman next to them and the cameraman see and smell the moment of their decisive blunder. Please watch to the end for a confrontation full of shame that will be sniffed at.
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Duration: 02:45:22
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