Asiana Starr – Super Throat Rope (asianastarr)

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The game just started and I’m already struggling. The throat rope did it and I loved every moment. Martin tied my hands behind my back and connected my wrists to the rope around my neck so as long as I rest my hands, I choke myself. Sure, I could simply lift my arms to relieve the pressure but because my wrists were already as high as they go, the weight of my arms rests on my neck. It was so hard to breathe that I have to open my lips around the ball just to get a sufficient amount of air in. And when it was time to receive my reward, I came in one of my favorite ways… fighting for air while gushing in my panties.
Name: asttr_Super_Throat_Rope.mp4
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Duration: 00:20:15
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Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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