Asiana Starr – Forced Part 1 of 2 (asianastarr)

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EVERYTHING bothered me. Having to balance in heels with a dildo spreader between your legs is hard. Combined with a neck rope that chokes you when you’re off-balance is even harder. The big gag that plugs my mouth makes it hard to breathe, every time I move my feet, it also moves the dildo, and when Martin tied my wrists to the bottom of the spreader, it gets pushed in deeper with each movement! That part seriously made me want to tap but I managed it pretty well ?? Then, of course, Martin adds the clovers. Standing positions in the dildo spreader are always hard.
ball gaggedclover clampsdildo impalementdildo predicamentdildo spreaderDroolingelbow bondageelbow tiedlingerielive showneck ropenipple clampson-screen tyingspreadStockingsthroat rope
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