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Rae Lil Black, like all of us, loves nothing more than to have a good night’s sleep after a long hard day. She’s wearing her hottest lingerie, some might even say that it’s too tight on her big tits but it is what she likes. Once she slides under the cover, it only takes a few seconds before she’s fast asleep.
Of course, such a hottie is the perfect attractor to the horny alien tentacles. They sneak inside her room and creep under the blanket. It starts moving, covering Rae’s entire body, and trapping her inside. The tightness makes her wake up, so she leans down and has a lot to see.
There’s a long black tentacle cock crawling between her legs and towards her panties. She tries to get free even harder, wiggling under the blanket but it only makes things work. A facehugger alien lunges for her head, connects with her face and makes her still.
His tentacle friends are on a mission, now they can freely remove Rae’s clothes to reveal her beautiful privates. They slide under the panties and take them off in one move. Her tight Asian slit is the perfect treat for our extra-terrestrial friends.
One of the tentacles is fixated on her clit, rubbing it with precise, fast motions, making her pussy soaking wet. Great, she’s ready for penetration, and there’s another tentacle that will plunge inside that wet hole without hesitation.
Both of them proceed to arouse and fuck Rae, and the pleasure makes her toes curl. She’s still trying her hardest to get the facehugger off, despite the satisfaction electrifying her body. The tentacles start going faster, they’re setting up for a couple of massive loads.
Suddenly the facehugger lets go of Rae, and she excitedly gasps for air with her mouth wide open. Well, it won’t last for long since a tentacle will use the moment her mouth is open and get right in so she can suck. With both her pussy and mouth getting ravaged, Rae has no other choice but to give in to the pleasure.
She stops struggling and starts moving in unison with the aliens. Her big tits are bouncing up and down, moments before she takes a creamy cumshot down her throat. It’s huge, and getting hard to swallow it all down, so it starts spilling all around her mouth and face.
While she’s enjoying the absolutely massive load on her face, Rae receives another one deep inside her pussy. Our Asian beauty keeps spitting out and leaking jizz from her pussy all over the sheets but it seems as if the tentacles aren’t done yet with her.
One wraps around her throat, and despite Rae’s best efforts, starts choking her harder and harder. It keeps going until she faints, they don’t want her wiggling and struggling anymore. Instead, they pull down the sheets, and lambast in the body of their work, looking at Rae’s body all covered in semen from top to bottom, and she’s so stuffed with it that it’s still leaking out.
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